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Something is happening on the forgotten Cronos island: the Dragons who ruled and destroyed the earth long ago, leaved some mysterious eggs in the depths of the forbidden cave. What are hidden inside them? Maybe they preserve the successors of the most famous disappeared dragons.


Nobody knows how to hatch them, but now a way has been found: take your egg, incubate it into the cave, and wait for the growth of your unique dragon. Conquest the island, claim your CRO and become the King



CroDragons: A new Era  

Announcement for upcoming NFT collection and roadmap.

Whitelisting and community events on Twitter and Discord.

Mods Recruitment and Team Expansion.


Eggs: A Dragon for tomorrow 

Genesis mint and sold out - Official Launch of 6,000 unique CroDragons Eggs!

Strategic Partnerships on Cronos Chain.

Gallery, Rarity ranking and Secondary Market opening.

Caves: Grow together 

Airdrop of Caves NFT – the incubators to reward holders.

Staking and hatching of the Eggs: birth of CroDragons.

Community fund and DAO building.



Conquest: flame the World 

Earn Royalty

Merchandising & IRL Events.

Legendary Dragons PFP release – customized 1on1 for our major active community members.

Metaverse Affiliations and Alpha Whitelist for next Cronos Projects.

More exciting holder-only benefits and events to come!


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Blaze :


Tess :


 Light :


Ryuk :


  • Discord
  • Twitter
  • Ebisusbay
  • MintedNetwork


What is Crodragons?

Crodragons is a collection of 6000 Cronos Dragons, uniquely generated from over 240 hand drawn traits! Each NFT drive you into the Cronos Island and give you a lot of holder-only limitless possibilities. Conquest the Island!

What blockchain is it on?

The CRC-721 token is deployed by using smart contracts on the Cronos Blockchain.

How do I contact the team?

Join our Discord, and feel free to ask any questions you have. You may also open a support ticket on Discord All essential information will be announced on Discord and Twitter

Would you have Partnership or Collaboration?

We have a ticket bot on our discord where you can reach the team for a collab or partnership proposals. We will not respond directly to random DMs. We believe in an ecosystem where communities work together to learn and grow with each other. A rising tide lifts all boats!

Why Crodragons are so unique?

We think that the mission of a NFT Collection is to build a strong community, and to achieve this purpose, the community should be rewarded for his job.

Do Your Own Research

Defi World is full of good people that would create something new in the space, but of course, You can always find who has malicious intentions and bad behaviors. So, please, pay attention to these bad actors. CroDragons Team members will never DM you first on Twitter or Discord. We will never stealth launch our Mint. Trust, but verify.


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